COVID-19 Opening Doors For New Artificial Intelligence Jobs


Artificial Intelligence emerges as the most-in demand job field across the globe. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science that deals in building smart machines capable of performing tasks with intelligence in contrast to human intelligence.
Top AI job titles are Artificial Intelligence Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist and Computer VIsion Engineers, Business Intelligence Developer, and Big Data Engineer/Architect.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing playing a role like never before in the healthcare services. AI helps in saving lives, businesses, and jobs across the globe.

Now, we are going through an altogether different phase due to COVID-19. Everyone is worried about their jobs and future. But no worry times for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning engineers as there is a rise in AI jobs in the world.

According to Economic Times: “The pandemic has resulted in great demand for digital services for healthcare and monitoring and countries across the world are using solutions for population screening, tracking the infection, allocating resources, and managing communication and responses.”


What is COVID-19?

According to the World Health Organization: A pneumonia of unknown cause detected in Wuhan, China was first reported to the WHO Country Office in China on 31 December 2019. WHO is working 24/7 to analyze data, provide advice, coordinate with partners, help countries prepare, increase supplies, and manage expert networks. The outbreak was declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern on 30 January 2020. On 11 February 2020, WHO announced a name for the new coronavirus disease: COVID-19.

COVID-19,jobs,AI,artificial intelligence, COVID-19 Opening Doors For New Artificial Intelligence Jobs
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According to the World Health Organization(WHO), globally, as of 2:00 am CEST, 4 May 2020, there have been 3,407,747 confirmed cases of COVID-19, including 238,198 deaths, reported to WHO.
Various tech giants are now expanding their current AI capability to serve the world to deal with the Covid-19 crisis. It leads to an increase in AI jobs across the world. Ai professionals deployed various ways so far to help the world in the pandemic.
The pandemic has resulted in great demand for digital technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and Natural Language Processing to monitor, analyze, track, resources allocation, assisting, and managing communication in healthcare services across the world.

Scope For Artificial Intelligence Jobs

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to help the world tackle the present issues raised by the COVID-19 pandemic if applied in a creative way. It not only depends on the technology but also on the knowledge and creativity of AI professionals. It is the collaboration of humans and technology that will work in handling and finding a solution for current crises, which leads to an increase in demand for AI jobs.
Let’s discuss various areas where AI jobs are in high demand.

COVID-19 Analysis And Surveillance AI

With the Artificial Intelligence Surveillance of COVID-19 is possible.With AI jobs it is easy to track the growth of the virus in the world and various analyses can be done over this data. With the previous analysis in hand, the government of various countries can take precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the deadly virus.
World Health Organization has leveraged Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing to track, recognize, analyze, and report the spread of the virus across the world. With AI jobs humans can work with various data-driver tools to analyze and filter incoming information.
The below image shows total Case comparison analysis in different WHO regions as of 4 May 2020.

COVID-19,jobs,AI,artificial intelligence, COVID-19 Opening Doors For New Artificial Intelligence JobsSource: World Health Organization

Robots AI

As COVID-19 spreads through contact massively, it is advised to maintain social distance. But, for the doctors and medical staff, they are at higher risk. It is observed that even after wearing a protection kit, doctors and staff who are treating CoVID-19 infected patients are got hit by the virus.
To handle such a situation Artificially intelligent robots can be used to treat infected patients. Robots can be used as medical staff for helping the patients to maintain minimum human contact.
The Sawai Man Singh Hospital in Jaipur(India) successfully tested a robot Sona 2.5, made by robot maker Club First Technologies, to serve food and medicines to patients to lower the exposure of health workers to coronavirus patients.
This is the first time in the health industry that Artificial Intelligence-based Robots are being used which works on Natural Language Processing. This works like a boom in isolation wards and can save thousands of doctors and medical staff from being infected.

COVID-19 Detection AI

Computer Vision field of Artificial Intelligence helps in detecting COVID-19 using chest X-Ray images. Many companies are working on designing an artificial intelligence-based system for the automatic detection of COVID-19 using chest x-rays. An automatic detection system will help to prevent the transfer of the virus through human contact. Several deep learning architectures such as ResNet, Inception, Googlenet, etc are used to distinguish between pneumonia and COVID-19.
Distinguishing between pneumonia and COVID-19 is a difficult task to achieve using AI. And it is possible when technology merges with human knowledge, intelligence, and creativity. With the increase in the number of cases, data for COVID-19 detection is huge and time-consuming. Also, the accuracy of the results matters a lot. Because of such a critical situation, the demand for Computer Vision Engineers increases results in more AI jobs.

Healthcare ChatBot AI

COVID-19 is a new virus across the globe. We humans do not have knowledge or awareness about this pandemic in advance. So, it is very necessary to spread awareness, so that every individual can take preventive actions.
COVID-19 pandemic leads to global usage of chatbot technology. Chatbots are basically robots chatting with humans based on Natural Language Processing(Text data-based field of Artificial Intelligence).
Chatbots provide reliable information, correct guidelines, preventive measures, symptoms, and nearby hospital services details. With the chatbot services burden on hospitals and call centers for COVID-19 has reduced and most importantly it’s available 24*7
The World Health Organisation(WHO) also launched a chatbot on Facebook messenger to combat COVID-19 misinformation.
AI jobs with Natural Language Processing experts are in great need of this pandemic time.

Face Recognition AI

COVID-19 opens doors for Face Recognition experts. Now, CCTV cameras connected to Face Recognition AI technology are installed at various public places like Airports, Hospitals, and streets to check in real-time whether people are wearing masks or not. It reduces human interaction and immediate action can be taken.
Earlier, at public places, the thermometer has been used to detect people with fever. But, that needs human operators. Now, with CCTV cameras attached to multisensory technology they can easily detect fever with their face.

Information and Location AI

In the times of social media, there is so much information available floating about COVID-19. This undoubtedly resulted in myths, misguidance, and panic situations. Technology giants like Google and Facebook are facing a hard time to combat such conspiracy theories.
Whenever there is search related to COVID-19 or coronavirus, search engines are directed towards trusted sources of information. It is only possible because of the smart use of Artificial Intelligence. Some platforms like YouTube directly link their users to the WHO website for the latest real-time updates.
With the help of AI, it is easy to locate real-time locations that are more vulnerable to CoronaVirus. With real-time locality information, people can use their intelligence to judge safely of the location before going there.
The government of India launched an AI-based mobile app ‘Aarogya Setu’ for the COVID-19 tracking. Initially, the purpose of this app is to spread awareness of COVID-19 and to connect essential health services related to COVID-19 to the people of India. It is a tracking app that uses the smartphone’s GPS and Bluetooth features to track the coronavirus infection. With Bluetooth, it tries to determine the risk if one has been near a COVID-19 – infected person, by scanning through a database of known cases and areas across India. Using GPS/ location information, the app also determines whether the location in which the person is present now belongs to one of the infected areas or not based on the data available.
AI skills also used in Mobile Apps thus opening more prospects for AI jobs.

Vaccine Research AI

Till today, no cure for the COVID-19 has been found. It is a very disturbing scenario for common people, for government, for scientists, and for various organizations as well. Vaccine for the coronavirus is a must in the current scenario. By traditional research methods, it takes years to develop vaccinations and antibodies to cure virus-infected patients. With AI, COVID-19 vaccine research surely accelerates.
In Vaccine research for COVID-19, AI can be proved as a game-changer. An AI algorithm can be developed to understand the molecular structure of the coronavirus.

Currently, Google’s AI company, DeepMind, is creating structural models of proteins linked with the virus for COVID-19 vaccine research. Although the results have not been experimentally verified, experiments lead to the first step in the right direction. This AI research will help develop vaccines and also upscaling treatment.
Many other companies are also looking for treatment and vaccination for COVID-19 which opens the door for AI enthusiasts for their contribution.


As we see above, demand for Artificial Intelligence experts keeps on increasing in the market, and COVID-19 expands its horizon in the healthcare field as well.

Organizations are looking for smart candidates with the knowledge and artificial intelligence skills. The demand versus supply ratio for Machine Learning engineers is 2:1. Artificial Intelligence vacancies are difficult to fill. There is a lack of AI skills available in the market.

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