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National Geospatial IntelligenceAgency

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Job Summary ASSIGNMENT DESCRIPTION: Data Engineersdevelop, construct, test, and maintain architectures such asdatabases and large-scale data processing systems. They clean,prepare, and optimize data for consumption through the design andconstruction of massive reservoirs for big data. They solveproblems associated with database access and integration andunstructured data sets to provide clean, usable data for customersand IT counterparts. These engineers serve as integrators betweendata architects, data scientists, and other data consumers. Theyapply knowledge of scripting tools, programming languages,standards, and software packages to build the data pipelines thatenable faster, better, data-informed decision-making within theAgency. Additional Job Information ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: TheNational Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) serves as the worldleader in providing timely, relevant, accurate and actionablegeospatial intelligence (GEOINT). NGA’s civilian, military andcontract personnel evaluate imagery, maps, charts, multiple layersof foundation data – such as terrain, elevation and gravity – andthe full spectrum of visible and invisible light in order to helpusers visualize what is happening at a particular place and time.Our intelligence officers go beyond describing what, where, andwhen to revealing how and why. Our work enables decision advantagefor our policymakers, warfighters, intelligence professionals andfirst responders. NGA is in search of Data Engineers who understanddata, data architectures, data pipeline infrastructure, cloudsolutions, and security best practices. Data Engineers create datainfrastructure and integrated data pipelines; transforming,enriching, and delivering data for consumers. They may workindependently and/or as part of a team of data and non-dataprofessionals on projects of varying complexities. They will designlogical and physical data models for data warehousing; developrobust data models, data dictionaries, and data flow diagrams. DataEngineers must be able to operate at the tactical and strategiclevel while working in a dynamic and sometimes ambiguousenvironment to deliver impactful results. They will leverage theirstrong interpersonal skills to effectively communicate with missionowners at varying levels inside and outside the Agency. As a DataEngineer, you will be tasked against the Agency’s biggest datachallenges in support of missions such as National Intelligence,National Security, Military Operations, and Disaster Relief andPreparedness, for a diverse audience including the Department ofDefense, the Intelligence Community, and senior governmentofficials up to and including the United States Congress and thePresident of the United States. Other duties may include: * Utilizea variety of languages and tools (e.g., scripting languages) tobuild data pipelines to pull together information from differentsource systems. * Design, construct, install, test, and maintainhighly scalable data management systems. * Develop data setprocesses for data discovery, modeling, mining, and production. *Integrate and prepare large, complex data sets that meet functional/non-functional business requirements. * Design and implement highperformance data pipelines for distributed systems and dataanalytics for customers. * Build, deploy, operate, and maintain bigdata analytics infrastructure. * Orchestrate large PB sized datastorage and compute clusters across bare-metal and cloud. * Deployand manage infrastructures based on Docker, Kubernetes, orOpenStack, and public Clouds such as Azure, AWS or Google CloudPlatform. * Create tool-chains for analytics and data scientistteam members that assist them in building and optimizing AIworkflows. * Experience with engineering data pipeline fromcollection and processing to visualization of SQL and NOSQL cybersecurity data sources for threat analysis and modelling. * Workwith Agency data and machine learning experts to improvefunctionality in our data and model life cycle managementcapabilities. * Develop enterprise interoperable coding and datastandards and create processes to ensure use of enterprise-widedata architecture capabilities. * Solve problems and deliversolutions with database access and data integration, define dataconflation, fusion, and de-confliction rules. * Collaborate withdata architects, data scientists, data stewards, and customers toenable more efficient and effective data-informed decision-making.* Apply expert knowledge of scripting, tools, programminglanguages, standards, and software packages to build databases anddata pipelines. * Accomplish data cleansing, preparation, storage,and security. * Web-based data creation and editing through iDeditor or JDSM. * Data conflation activities through Hootenanny. *Upgrades to the UI and system capabilities to enhance userexperience. * Use business analytics and data validation to improvecampaign focus and output. * Establish and sustain a NOME UserForum. * Create and brief presentations around the community andconferences. This position may be eligible for an INCENTIVE: Theselected candidates may be offered an incentive as part of theoffer of employment, based on budget availability. To receive theincentive, the selected candidate must sign a service agreementdepending on the approved amount or duration of the incentive. Ifthe employee leaves before the end of the service agreement, theemployee may be required to repay a pro rata share amount of theincentive to the government. Additional Application Requirement:You may be asked to complete one or more assessments in addition tothe application you submit on this website as part of yourapplication to NGA. These assessments may include but are notlimited to: * Online questionnaires or assessments that require youto describe your job-related knowledge, skills, abilities, or othercharacteristics that are aligned with the mandatory and desirablequalifications of this job posting. The information you provide inthe application you submit must support the response you provide tothis questionnaire. You will receive an email to describe anyadditional assessments required. Please monitor your emails andcomplete any required assessments as soon as possible. MandatoryQualifications MANDATORY QUALIFICATION CRITERIA: For thisparticular job, applicants must meet all competencies reflectedunder the Mandatory Qualification Criteria to include education (ifrequired). Online applications must demonstrate qualification byproviding specific examples and associated results, in response tothe announcement’s mandatory criteria specified in this vacancyannouncement: * Demonstrated proficiency in applied programmingand/or manipulation of data with a programing language such asPython, R or Java. * Demonstrated experience working with one ormore database management systems, e.g. relational (Oracle, MySQL,Postgresql, etc.), noSQL (MongoDB, Accumulo, etc.), graph(Allegrograph, JanusGraphy, Neo4J, etc) to include experience withdatabase retrieval methods and optimizations. * Demonstratedexperience working with a range of data storage/access options,e.g. File(S3, FTP,etc.) and/or API(WFS, FeatureServer,Elasticsearch, SDK, etc. * Demonstrated experience enabling accessto data by way of databases or dashboards. * Demonstratedexperience cleaning, filtering, transforming data, and/or enrichingdata. EDUCATION REQUIREMENT: A. Education: Bachelor’s degree froman accredited college or university in Computer Science,Engineering, Information Science, Information Systems Management,Mathematics, Operations Research, Physical Sciences, Statistics,Technology Management, or a degree that provided a minimum of 24semester hours in one or more of the fields identified above andrequired the development or adaptation of applications, systems, ornetworks. -OR- B. Combination of Education and Experience: Aminimum of 24 semester (36 quarter) hours of coursework in any arealisted in option A, plus experience in developing, constructing,testing and maintaining architectures and/or related technologies,or in a related field that demonstrates the ability to successfullyperform the duties associated with this work. As a rule, every 30semester (45 quarter) hours of coursework is equivalent to one yearof experience. Candidates should show that their combination ofeducation and experience totals 4 years. -OR- C. Experience: Aminimum of 4 years of experience in developing, constructing,testing and maintaining architectures and/or related technologies,or in a related field that demonstrates the ability to successfullyperform the duties associated with this work. -AND- IT-relatedexperience demonstrating each of the four competencies: Attentionto Detail, Customer Service, Oral Communication, and ProblemSolving. Highly Desired Qualifications QUALIFICATION CRITERIA: Inaddition to the mandatory qualifications, experience in thefollowing is desired: * Experience as a proven innovator andstrategic problem solver. * Familiarity with Department of Defense(DoD) and Intelligence Community (IC) activities, functions, andorganizational structures. * Knowledge and understanding of NGAoperations, data infrastructure and architecture. * Familiaritywith cloud services as applied in the DoD and IC. * Knowledge ofsimplification and optimization of data automation workflows;streamlining of extract-transform-load (ETL) operations. *Knowledge of emerging technical skills, tools, and best practices.Additional Job Requirements You must be able to obtain and retain aTop Secret security clearance with access to SensitiveCompartmented Information. In addition, you are subject to aCounterintelligence Polygraph examination in order to maintainaccess to Top Secret information. All employees are subject to aperiodic examination on a random basis in order to determinecontinued eligibility. Refusal to take the examination may resultin denial of access to Top Secret information, SAP, and/orunescorted access to SCIFs. Employees with SCI access and who areunder NGA cognizance are required to submit a Security FinancialDisclosure Report, SF-714, on an annual basis in order to determinecontinued eligibility. Failure to comply may negatively impactcontinued access to Top Secret information, Information Systems,SAP, and/or unescorted access to SCIFs. Pay, Benefits, & WorkSchedule PROMOTION OPPORTUNITY: Promotion opportunities allowapplicants at all band levels to be considered. Qualifications forNGA positions do not include specific time-in-band requirements.NGA will emphasize quality of experience, rather than duration, andassess how the quality of the experience demonstrates possession ofthe knowledge, skills, abilities, and competencies necessary forsuccessful job performance in the NGA occupational structure. Band03 $64,948 – $133,465 PERMANENT CHANGE IN STATION: PCS expenses arenot authorized. Pay is only part of the compensation you will earnworking for the Federal Government. We offer a broad array ofbenefits programs and family friendly flexibilities to meet theneeds of you and your family. For more information on the array ofbenefits programs, please visit CoverLetter Applicants are not required to submit a cover letter. Theentire cover letter cannot exceed the specified limits provided inthe Cover Letter field (3,000 characters). Pages exceeding thislimit will not be considered. The cover letter is recommended butis not required for employment consideration with the NationalGeospatial-Intelligence Agency. Applicants should place theirnarrative information in the Cover Letter / Other ProfessionalDetails field. Who may apply External Applicants Only How to applyApplication submission involves applying using the IntelligenceCommunity’s Applicant Gateway on-line application process. ONLYELECTRONIC SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED. How will I be evaluated?APPLICANT EVALUATION PROCESS: Applicants will be evaluated for thisjob opportunity in three stages: * All applicants will be evaluatedusing the Mandatory Qualification Criteria, * Qualified applicantswill then be evaluated by an expert or panel of experts using acombination of qualification criteria to determine thebest-qualified candidates, * Best-qualified applicants may then befurther evaluated through an interview process. Military retireeapplicants, if selected, may be impacted by the 180-day appointmentrestrictions of DODI 1402.01. HD personnel will provide additionalinformation if applicable. Applicants are encouraged to carefullyreview the Assignment Description, Additional Information ProvidedBy the Selecting Official, and the Qualification Requirements; andthen construct their resumes to highlight their most relevant andsignificant experience and education for this job opportunity. Thisdescription should include examples that detail the level andcomplexity of the performed work. Applicants are encouraged toprovide any education information referenced in the announcement.If education is listed as a mandatory requirement, only degreesobtained from an institution accredited by an accreditingorganization recognized by the Secretary, US Department ofEducation will be accepted. In accordance with section 9902(h) oftitle 5, United States Code, annuitants reemployed in theDepartment of Defense shall receive full annuity and salary uponappointment. They shall not be eligible for retirementcontributions, participation in the Thrift Savings Plan, or asupplemental or redetermined annuity for the reemployment period.Discontinued service retirement annuitants (i.e., retired undersection 8336(d)(1) or 8414(b)(1)(A) of title 5, United States Code)appointed to the Department of Defense may elect to be subject toretirement provisions of the new appointment as appropriate. (SeeDoD Instruction 1400.25, Volume 300, at All candidates will beconsidered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, nationalorigin, age, marital status, disability, or sexual orientation. NGAprovides reasonable accommodations to applicants with disabilities.Applications will only be accepted online. If you need a reasonableaccommodation for any part of the application and hiring process,please notify us at [email protected] The decision on grantingreasonable accommodation will be on a case-by-case basis.Conditions of Employment As a condition of employment at NGA,persons being considered for employment must meet NGA fitness foremployment standards. * U.S. Citizenship Required * SecurityClearance (Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information) *Polygraph Test Required * Position Subject to Drug Testing * TwoYear Probationary Period * Direct Deposit Required DCIPS DisclaimerNGA utilizes all processes and procedures of the Defense CivilianIntelligence Personnel System (DCIPS). Non-executive NGA employeesare assigned to five distinct pay bands based on the type and scopeof work performed. The employee’s base salary is established withintheir assigned pay band based on their unique qualifications. Aperformance pay process is conducted each year to determine apotential base pay salary increase and/or bonus. An employee’sannual performance evaluation is a key factor in the performancepay process. Employees on term or temporary appointments are noteligible to apply for internal assignment opportunity notices. Thisposition is a DCIPS position in the Excepted Service under 10U.S.C. 1601. DoD Components with DCIPS positions apply Veterans’Preference to preference eligible candidates as defined by Section2108 of Title 5 USC, in accordance with the procedures provided inDoD Instruction 1400.25, Volume 2005, DCIPS Employment andPlacement. If you are an external applicant claiming veterans’preference, as defined by Section 2108 of Title 5 U.S.C., you mustself-identify your eligibility in your application.

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